Jodi Bolo Hyan Kolkata Bangla Movie has already created a niche audience for its original films, meant only for the small screen. This week, the film to premiere is Jodi Bolo Hyan, a youthful rom-com, starring faces we rarely get to see in front of the camera.

Jodi Bolo Hyan Kolkata Bangla Movie

The cast comprises Mir, Sreenanda Shankar, Anirban Bhattacharya, Lagnajita, Sayan and Poulomi Basu.

Jodi Bolo Hyan Kolkata Bangla Movie has been directed by director duo Sudesh Roy and Avijit Guha, whose first short, Ekla Cholo Re, was a huge hit with the small screen audience. The story revolves around Sayan and Lovely.

Sayan runs a detective agency and Lovely runs a beauty parlour. Both their workspaces are adjacent to each other in a shopping complex. Both are at loggerheads with each other. But when Sayan is unsuccessful in solving one of his clients’ problems, Lovely steps forward and helps him out in his endeavor and in the process, they develop an amazing chemistry. Treated in a light comic manner, this film has a lot of rib-tickling moments.