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Piya Tumi is a Action, Drama, Romance Kolkata Bangla Film , directed by Swapan Saha which released in 2011, starring Hrishi, Priyadarshini, Rajatava Dutta, Bodhisattwa Majumdar along with others.

Director:  Swapan Saha
Producer:  Pankaj Agarwal
Music:  Ashok Bhadra
Main Cast: Hrishi, Priyadarshini, Rajatava Dutta, Bodhisattwa Majumdar...  more
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Release: Mar 18, 2011

Piya Tumi bangla Movie Online

Akash is surely an unemployed children which involves Piya Tumi Kolkata bangla film in addition to continues to be using a cab new driver. Ultimately police force reached law enforcement police arrest him, The particular cab new driver
initiatives to save him in addition to can get opportunity in addition to destroyed with the cops. Akash works apart in addition to outcomes in the commercial individual within in whose entire family members trusts her for example the youngster Piya.

Ultimately Akash selects in order to hightail this together with Piya somewhere after which it ruin the girl due to the fact he is acquired money via one to ruin the girl. The key reason why carry out the particular cops reached law enforcement police arrest Akash? Which will spend him money to be able to ruin Piya?

This specific film must be one of the most absurd films together with severe turmoil in addition to absurdities where the audience seems to lose an eye on what is to happen especially subsequent the initial 50 percent.

The particular film begins while using main character Akash shedding their own father previously inside living in addition to she building upwards to become criminal offence, nevertheless supplying anything upwards to become excellent person. He uses up work in the rich businessman’s house just like a new driver. Ultimately anytime Priya provides to go to college, the automobile halts operating in addition to she demands the girl for the college inside their personal automobile. She waits on her behalf exams to obtain additional compared to. Later on several goons stick to their very own automobile and so they end up within the forest where the automobile can get caught inside the grime. They are compelled to stay the night time period through kind of the actual hut that’s right now there inside the forest. The particular main character results in the particular heroine in addition to might visit get some good aid.

Piya Tumi

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