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Paromitar Ekdin is a Family Kolkata bengali film, directed by Aparna Sen which launched in 2000, starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Aparna Sen, Rituparna Sengupta, Rajatava Dutta together with others.

Director: Aparna Sen
Producer: Rajesh Agarwal
Music: Jyotishka Dasgupta
Main Cast: Soumitra Chatterjee, Aparna Sen, Rituparna Sengupta, Rajatava Dutta… extra
Genre: Family
Release: 2000

Paromitar Ekdin Kolkata Bangla Movie Online

This particular Aparna Sen typical orbits across the bitter-candy connection between Sanaka together with the feminine’s daughter-in-regulation Paromita. The explicit hyperlink, which began just because additional mom-in-regulation along with daughter-in-legislation connection evolves similar to a particular efficient psychological romantic relationship. Afterwards, Paromita leads to the home along with remarries the precise completely no Bengali movie film director, however that actually romantic relationship pulls the lady as soon as extra contained in the time interval associated to Sanaka’s illness. In addition to following a feminine’s dying, Paromita hyperlinks themself along with folks recollections associated to Sanaka, that's the place the movie begins. This generally is a night associated to “Shraddha” related to Sanaka. Paromita happens along with sits along with additional mourners along with recollects the woman recollections.

Paromita wedded along with Biresh, younger younger man associated to Sanaka along with Promothesh. With this explicit north Calcutta Havel, Paromita began the woman journey ot change himself whereas utilizing lifestyle nonetheless not acquainted from the feminine’s. Nevertheless the feminine’s probability didn’t choose the woman, The woman supplied delivery with a man youngster utilizing a illness associated to cerebral palsy, the precise spastic youngster. This particular event may make Paromita’s night unhappy, just because Biresh began to drawback the woman with this. Regarding the primary time, Sanaka appears apart from Paromita. Sanaka’s youthful child Khuku have been mentally requested. From this night, Paromita’s associate saved the precise psychological along with phyiscal selection with the feminine’s. Between Paromita Sanaka and in addition a correct friendship begins, which places up with until Sanka’s dying. Paromita mets along with Rajesh Sribastav within the spasitc college, wherever the woman travelled mixed with the feminine’s younger man along with Sanaka.

Rajesh begins to have the ability to actually like Babul along with sense relating to Paromita, which Sanaka sights nonetheless might allow as a result of truth the girl moreover expert the precise fanatic, Moni, right now a classic man, which happens typically to have the ability to the lady home. Rajesh provides a operate to have the ability to Paromita alongside along with your woman confirms. Nevertheless Bablu dies quickly, together with the feminine’s discomfort joined most restrictions. Sanaka fashions the lady sustaining the lady’s personal discomfort inside reply. This specific data associated to divorce proceedings between Paromita along with Biresh confirmed up identical to an excellent shock to have the ability to Sanaka. The girl requested Paromita to not proceed.. Paromita ends in the actual north Calcutta home completely along with marries Rajesh.

The girl re-entered inside interval associated to Sanaka’s illness ot take care of the lady. The latest companion associated to Biresh, the professional in addition to different girl family members couldn’t medical knowledgeable correctly.. Sanaka dies, however the woman acquired Paromita’s actually like along with treatment earlier than the feminine’s dying. Time interval proceeds, these days may very well be the “Shraddha”of Sanaka. Paromita along with Moni go away beforehand, as a result of they’re some of the undesirable buyer within the night. Moni gives their very own benefit to have the ability to Paromita. Inside the car, Paromita seems the new child inside the feminine’s stomach is admittedly transferring. The explicit workforce is admittedly accomplished.

Paromitar Ekdin

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