Panga Nibi Na Shala is a Action, Drama Kolkata bengali film, directed by Prince which can be  launched in 2013 , starring Arko, Neha, Asish Samal, Anamika Saha together with others.

Director:  Prince
Music: Sujata Mascharak
Main Cast: Arko, Neha, Asish Samal, Anamika Saha... extra
Genre: Action, Drama
Release: 2013

Panga Nibi Na Shala Bangla Movie Online

This explicit Bengali movie is concerning the precise goon which terrorizes the actual individuals from the encircling area which is fingers obtainable whereas utilizing In order to. Deb within the shut by police drive cease which will get the precise impaired curiosity within the course of most their very own measures. Anyone which intervenes along with Kali is absolutely bumped apart. Rohit’s youthful brother is basically destroyed through Kali’s goons as soon as your girl witnesses the precise homicide. Their personal father is admittedly afterwards jailed on phony bills along with bumped apart with the In order to. Deb. Really their very own mom can get destroyed afterward as soon as your girl protests. All this modifications Rohit inside to a distinct individual along with he or she begins thumping apart everybody which has straight in addition to in a roundabout means damage your loved ones along with along with notifies our planet, ‘Panga Nibi Na Sala’.