Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mon Je Kore Uru Uru kolkata bengali film Rahul drops inside adore to start with view together with Diya who she or he views on the freeway ultimately though she or he doesn’t perceive the girl’s title. Eventually she or he in addition to their buddies go to kidnap their pal’s sweetheart (additionally referred to as Diya) who’s marriage in direction of the girl’s desires, nevertheless they acquire the inaccurate lady and procure Diya. The girl’s relationship skilled been set together with the lady’s father’s pal’s boy and thus your lady have been making ready to hightail it. This explicit arrives like a profit on her in addition to she’s thrilled.

Your lady needs to go to Siligiri so as to Shalini’s location due to this fact Rahul in addition to the lady’s buddies go together with the lady’s presently there. Nevertheless the regulation enforcement are usually heat on the pumps in addition to after that the precise goons dominate. The precise buddies are usually divided via Rahul in addition to Diya plus they're remaining by themselves. These folks ultimately have the power to realize Siliguri after which understand that Shalini went so as to Delhi.

Mon Je Kore Uru Uru kolkata bengali film individuals select to go to Rahul’s dwelling in addition to Diya conceals presently there for some instances with out having Rahul’s dad understanding one thing. The precise law enforcement officials place all of them ultimately on the freeway in addition to property upward from Rahul’s residence. These folks emerge on view so when these folks navigate to the legislation enforcement prepare station, these folks admit their very own adore for each further though Diya actually is with a view to save the issue.

Mon Je Kore Uru Uru kolkata bengali film upward Rahul in addition to informs her or him which your girl enjoys Vicky, the lady’s sweetheart by Birmingham. Your girl wishes her or him to go to the girl’s dad in addition to merely inform him relating to Vicky to make sure that the girl’s dad permits Vicky. Your girl views Rahul to develop into the girl’s nearest buddy and thus she or he concurs to finish this as a result of he’s stunned. Rahul will go in addition to talks as a way to Diya’s dad in addition to the lady’s relationship is definitely set with a view to Rahul.

Mon Je Kore Uru Uru

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