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Krodh is the Crisis, Loved ones, movement kolkata bengali movie, aimed via Shankar Beam that launched final 12 months, starring Jishu Sengupta, Priyadarshini, Swarna Kamal Dutta, Sujoy Ghosh along with different folks.

Overseer: Shankar Beam
Songs: Babul Bose
Behaving: Jishu Sengupta, Priyadarshini, Swarna Kamal Dutta
Style: Crisis, Loved ones
Discharge: 12 , twenty 5, ’09.

Krodh kolkata bangla film online

Rahul a man leads to the precise psychological residence subsequent he can get hit in regards to the ideas along with appears to lose their very own cupboard space. The dwelling is admittedly run by way of Soham, younger man associated to Binayak Choudhury an important theif that’s actually Rahul’s father along with expert naked her or him along with supplied their very own mom with an individual anytime he’d already been vibrant. Rahul occur to be looking for their very own father ever since then then when Binayak entails the actual annual perform from the psychological residence, he acknowledges her.

Several variety of initiatives on Binayak’s residing through Rahul although he doesn't purchase destroyed. Rahul as soon as extra can get hit regarding the ideas, will get electrical jolts along with regains their very own cupboard space. He nonetheless pretends being upset. Simultaneously Soham along with their very own mom reached notice associated to Binayak’s id along with Binayak’s associate calls for Rahul to not smash Binayak. The specific forest ranger Mahalingam selects to make the most of Rahul to amass once more by way of Binayak.

There is a superb altercation through which the Forest Ranger can get destroyed. Rahul selects to have the ability to do away with their very own father relating to their very own stepmother’s benefit, Nevertheless Binayak selects to have the ability to damage Rahul. Merely anytime he'll makes an attempt for any defeat Rahul, their very own youthful younger man Soham makes an attempt for any defeat him as an alternative. Rahul calls for the actual drawback on all of them private along with may go to jail. He is reunited alongside together with his members of the family subsequent a few years.


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