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Hitlist Kolkata bengali movie is definitely H co-employees carry out inside an commercial group by means of which 4 of these attempt to produce a present that’s contained in the flawed. The explicit unusual M apart, Rana, is known as for the net host to be able to one in all these easy along with persuaded to help their very own additional buddies, nonetheless she doesn’t relent. M buddy can get hyper along with inadvertently removes Rano inside complement associated to sample. They take into consideration their very own vehicle, eradicate their very own system inside the auto along with produce this explicit within the street. It is afterwards found with the police pressure.
Hitlist Kolkata bengali film the actual group in a while along with will get a superb employee. Enjoyment among the folks 4 co-staff is actually found ineffective inside an automobile crashes. Subha, the actual buddy which expert destroyed the woman companion, efforts to accumulate near Anindita changing into unsure from the feminine’s actual causes. Ultimately anytime she invitations the woman with regard to lunch time alongside together with your girl gives dwelling prepared meals concerning him, he's barely meat along with dies as a result of it truly is unhealthy. The precise outdated cop semen investigator will get handle the issue. The remainder of the 2 co-staff, Large along with Kamalika (which might be moreover few) along with Anindita are normally despatched to Kuala Lampur by having an job.
These people in addition to Anindita begin acquiring phone calls within the inexplicable quantity. Large selects to perform apart Anindita. He along with their very own accomplice take into consideration Anindita with a naked space along with he begins focusing on the lady anytime he all of the sudden has obtained the phone by which quantity. He understands this explicit wasn’t Anindita, nonetheless another person. The specific outdated investigator Grams. J. Banerjee, (which expert used these to Malaysia together with for the naked space), house upwards concurrently along with Large efforts to have the ability to attempt to escape inside their car, satisfies by an occasion along with each she along with Kamalika surrender. Anindita goes apart to have the ability to Luton to have the ability to the lady brother.

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