Hing Ting Chhat is a Comedy, Fantasy, Romance Kolkata Bangla film on-line, directed by Anusuya Roy Chowdhury which launched in 2010, starring Samadarshi Dutt, Ankita, Soumitra Chatterjee, Madhabi Mukherjee together with others.

Director:  Anusuya Roy Chowdhury
Producer: GBC Enterprise Ltd.
Music: Mayukh Bhowmik, Rabindranath Tagore, Mainak
Main Cast: Samadarshi Dutt, Ankita, Soumitra Chatterjee, Madhabi Mukherjee... extra
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Release: Dec 03, 2010

Hing Ting Chhat Bengali Movie Online

Akash is affected by In order to Azines. N along with their very own companion is admittedly discouraged for that reason. They have the precise battle along with Akash may go to North Bengal on the holiday. Their personal coach includes a concern along with he’ll receive embarrassed along with celebrities strolling. Along the way in which a number of, N. W. Lodh the precise goes to be producer associated to movies along with their very own associate provide the girl’s a wonderful begin and they also proceed along with keep within the precise trip resort. A lot greater than r proper now there these of us got here throughout the sorcerer Kalkut which has present contained in the area subsequent day time. Hing Ting Chhat Kolkata Bangla Movie enchanting causes along with capabilities a particular methodology utilizing a girl Sonali who’s the precise ‘digital’ woman produced by the actual Kalkut. Akash wishes Sonali at first have a look at. The subsequent day time, she or he vanishes with a tea house because the Kalkut in addition to the additional couple of go to Cooch Behar.

Hing Ting Chhat Bengali Film to abandoning, Akash’s baggage along with Kalkut’s journey suitcase can get remodeled and subsequently Akash’s baggage alongside together with his garments may go to Kalkut in addition to the magician’s baggage along with Sonali inside would possibly go to Akash that’s afterwards found. Kalkut is actually indignant along with wishes to cancel their very own shows. Akash says Kalkut’s rhyme producing the actual baggage open along with Sonali seems previous to her or him. Kalkut calls for Mrs. Lodh being Sonali for starters night along with locks the lady upwards inside the baggage. These of us attemptedto uncover Akash though he or she begins buying nearer to to be able to Sonali. Although going to uncover Akash, the actual baggage which has Mrs Lodh falls apart. Kalkut seems to find Sonali along with may make the woman can be found in their very own simply how wherever she or he says that Sonali goes to be endeavor returning time interval. Following a present, Kalkut discovers their very own baggage lacking along with Sonali lacking. Akash can take into consideration the true baggage which has Sonali by way of Mr. Lodh along with Sonali outcomes to have the ability to Akash. Kalkut expert as soon as extra obtained each palms about the true baggage which has Mrs. Lodh along with she is separated subconsciously by way of her or him. He or she discards their very own robes and provide upwards surprise completely.