Hanuman.com is a Drama kolkata bangla film, directed by Gaurab Pandey, starring Prosenjit, Mousumi Bhattacharya, Rudranil Ghosh, Saskia Ranwig together with others.

Director:  Gaurab Pandey
Producer: Namit Bajoria
Music: Indradeep Dasgupta, Rabindranath Tagore, Debojyoti Mishra
Main Cast: Prosenjit, Mousumi Bhattacharya, Rudranil Ghosh, Saskia Ranwig... extra
Genre: Drama
Release: Dec 06, 2013

Hanuman.com Bangla Movie Online

Hanuman.com bangla film isn’t the humor in addition to nor relating to Hanuman because the title could suggest, nevertheless with regard to a man and in addition the net. The majority of the film is definitely remarkably happen Iceland, the nation that couple of go to and even study. The nation in whose funds is definitely Reykjavik and it’s an extremely little Nordic nation may be discovered between your Northern Ocean in addition to Ocean seas. The precise volcanoes greater than you should still discover energetic and comprises a pretty surroundings composed of related to high quality sand in addition to lava areas, mountain tops in addition to snow that makes it the photographer’s pleasure as well as of the vacationer. The precise summers are usually comfy and likewise the daylight under no circumstances fashions because the winters should not subsequently chilly though it should be.

Subsequent Shukno Lanka, Gaurav Pandey seems utilizing this particular story from the trainer, Anjaniputra (Prasenjit) by way of Swarnakamalpur, town close to to Kolkata inside in whose planet is fastened for the world he or she continues to be inside. He is the precise nagging associate, a classic moped associated to 20 years older along with he’s actually very happy with their very own residing. Due to school present, each single instructor within the college can get the precise PC setup inside their residence after which it Anjaniputra’s residing changes.

The specific movie explores the assorted traits associated to programs along with what kind of man’s residing can modify as a result of this. With this specific movie, residing from the traditional college instructor changes subsequent he or she finds out to make the most of the actual PC plus far more consequently will get accustomed to the web. The internet begins throughout the planet in lots of which approach of her or him.

Kaushik Sen works the actual a part of Anjani’s buddy which options the important thing stress along with related her or him is de facto Rudranil Ghosh as a result of the shut by cable television wallah, which options identical to a motivational part to your easy instructor to consider web that changes their very own dwelling. That will really regulate their very own dwelling as a result of truth he or she will get any person varied the second he or she entails know very effectively what the web is all about that wants him or her all by S seas along with changes her or him fully. Their personal companion doesn’t have concept regarding their very own space. Right now there a recent dwelling awaits him or her and in addition a totally new form of movie is de facto that which you purchase…

Gaurav Pandey as soon as extra seems along with varied issues subsequent their very own earlier movie along with as soon as extra the actual movie would go to M movie. Simply as a result of Anjaniputra, the straightforward trainer within the metropolis, to have the ability to that our planet is unquestionably an not acquainted in addition to the web actually changes her or him, Prasenjit actually rubble. Their personal alter associated to character within the simpleton with a person inside in whose planet actually begins upwards should be seen being believed. Mousumi just because Anjaniputra’s nagging associate is extraordinarily glorious. The girl should convey extra odds. The specific movie is basically quite a few.