Ei Prithibi Tomar Aamar is a Romance Kolkata Bangla film, directed by Swapan Saha which launched in 2009, starring Abhiraj, Rudranil Ghosh, Srikanta Manna, Rajib Banerjee together with others.

Director:   Swapan Saha
Producer: Bappa Sarkar
Music: Ashok Bhadra
Acting: Abhiraj, Rudranil Ghosh, Srikanta Manna, Rajib Banerjee... extra
Genre: Romance
Release: Mar 27, 2009

Ei Prithibi Tomar Aamar Bangla Movie

Shibu is commonly a hawker in regards to the highways that gives toys and video games. Their personal mom dies seen inside a clinic on account of insufficient money. Ultimately he or she rescues a feminine Purnima within the pickup by way of goons. The woman is definitely school college students surviving in a fantastic ashram inside Siliguri. Once your girl gores once more, she is requested for to have the ability to go away the actual ashram. Shibu along with Purnima choose to own a enhance within the car to have the ability to Siliguri.

The specific new driver provides Shibu somewhat little bit of file which has the actual title from the person that he could make contact with for nearly any support. Along the way in which, a number of goons pack within the new driver as a result of the brand new driver is definitely a foul man all of them private. Shibu goes along with satisfies the actual make contact with Mom, the precise market contained in the automobiles dept moreover related to unhealthy enterprise. He or she aids Shibu in lots of method probably they will. Shibu satisfies a number of goons Bobby along with their very own individuals brother by means of Mom. He or she moreover can get surpassed upwards with out protesting relating to acquiring acknowledged cash to pay for Purnima’s analysis bills. Shibu&Purnima assist make a classic, neglected coach their very personal security.

Simultaneously the actual cat along with mouse button online game whereas utilizing cops carry on just because Shibu could strive unhealthy enterprise. One of the people associated to Bobby’s lot consideration Purnima along with will get interested by Purnima, nonetheless Shibu places the entire to have the ability to their very own enhancements. Bobby confronts Shibu relating to this particular concern which is hurt through Shibu. He is acknowledged with a clinic. Bobby’s individuals brother vows to perform apart Shibu when Bobby dies.