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E Sudhu Aamar Gaan is a Drama, Musical kolkata bangla film, directed by Shankar Ray which launched in 2012, starring Jeniva Ray, Raaj, Santu Mukhopadhyay, Biswajit Chakraborty together with others.

Director:  Shankar Ray
Music:  Sandipan Ganguly
Main Cast: Jeniva Ray, Raaj, Santu Mukhopadhyay, Biswajit Chakraborty...  extra
Genre:Drama, Musical
Release:Sep 21, 2012

E Sudhu Aamar Gaan Bangla Movie

it's of a singer, Rani which fascinated Bishal mixed with the feminine’s modulation of voice along with model. Bishal is definitely an alcoholic drinks, the reply admirer. Rani satisfies along with utilizing a deadly occasion finally along with appears to lose the lady modulation of voice. Extra breakthroughs occur on the similar time which are often subwoofer woofer in addition to creating and constructing plots within the movie. Bishal needs Rani to accumulate once more the woman modulation of voice something along with he's actually arrived on the woman by way of Physician.

Susobhon, their very own pal in addition to the physician who's dealing with Rani contained in the guise from the colourful physician ‘Arnab’. He is the actual and likewise the one that gives all of them with one another much more than some time. Ultimately nonetheless anytime Akash threatens Arnab, Rani screams apart in an effort to save him or her. Many individuals are amazed by means of Rani buying once more the lady modulation of voice, however thrilled concurrently presumably in addition to Akash. The specific passionate admirer selects to go to aside. Rani entails understand along with efforts to keep away from him or her…. Following?

E Sudhu Aamar Gaan

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