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Bengali motion film Challenge Nibi Na Sala was Launched from nineteen Oct ’09. The precise movie is definitely Aimed via Raja Chanda in addition to Compiled by Rathi Biswas in addition to Gopimohan. The precise movie is definitely made by Srikant Mohta & Mahendra Soni related to Shree Venkatesh Movies and in addition the songs of the film is definitely produced via Jeet Ganguly in addition to Experienced Gupta. This is definitely the most costly movie produced to this point together with Tollywood using a monetary scenario regarding rupees related to fourteen crores. Essential areas of the particular movie have been taken inside Malaysia, Dubai along with Mumbai apart from Kolkata. With this film there’s folded by means of Dev, Pooja Bose, Tapas John, Ashish Vidyarthi, Kharaj Mukherjee and rather more.

ACP Abhiraj Roy Abhi (Dev) is usually an exhilarating tremendous-cop inside Mumbai. He’s using a activity as a way to apprehend the mafia positioned on (Ashish Vidyarthi), who's prone to need to contemplate banned drugs trade, extortion in addition to inside arms trafficking. ACP Abhiraj Roy Abhi’s dad (Tapas John), who had been only a politician pushed by merely idealistic values together with a sensation related to social plan, happy with the lethal occasion.

Challenge Nibi Na Sala Bangla Movie Online

Challenge Nibi Na Sala Bangla Movie afterwards revealed that their dad actually survive by way of the particular occasion nevertheless found himselves inside a focus on related to coma. However, this type of the reality is unseen by merely their family members within the people. Abhi retains the precise minimal prfile to be able to seize that mafia positioned on. Inside the undercover procedures, Abhi seize the precise mafia don’s buddies (Surajit Sen). Later on, it's revealed that the contaminated opponents innovator seemed to be the particular mastermind main their dad’s occasion. The precise movie makes the amount of seven. S crore rupees inside A days.

Challenge Nibi Na Sala

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