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Awara kolkata bengali film is about Surja (Jeet) who was simply as soon as the software program professional nonetheless halts their work to assist their pal which is with no employment within the town associated with Kolkata. Poulomi (Sayantika Banerjee) is really a woman who research inside a university as well as can be purchased in the woman’s a vacation in stay with your own the woman’s more youthful pal Madan Mohan (Kharaj Mukherjee). Surja arrives looking
forward to Poulomi in the beginning view as well as begins going after the woman’s to obtain the woman’s as well as permeates top of the part of their home whilst tenants along with his pal (Biswajit Chakraborty) as well as sister-in-law (Tulika Mukhopadhyay). Mistaking him to become poor young man, Poulomi can’t remain him or her very first nonetheless later on the lady gets conscious of their real love. This is actually the primary a part of this particular film.

Movie Review: There's a hero (Jeet as Surya), who sacrifices his 40K job in a big software company for his needy neighbor, doesn't go searching for another job and goes on being jobless and awara; there's a heroine (Sayantika as Poulomi), who shuttles back and forth between two cities to escape villains who, it seems, always tracking her and there's a villain (Mukul Dev as Tony), who rapes and murders a girl and gets only 6 years of prison sentence (which ultimately comes down to 4 years)! This is "Awara" for you. The film's bizarre story also include another couple of villains who pop up occasionally, two comedians making inane jokes, some songs that are shot in exotic and expensive locations and innumerable action sequences, where the goons use swords, chakus, bhojalis, rods, but never a gun. (We know it's a South Indian remake, still we do expect rich, bad guys to afford a few guns).

There are just two things that are worth watching in this yawnathon — Jeet, as he looked very handsome on-screen and acted quite well and the songs that were shot very stylishly (using good props) in Ladakh. Otherwise, leave the general audience, the people who started whistling very enthusiastically from the opening credits also starts fidgeting in their seats, waiting impatiently for the climax to happen. The reason behind their reaction is simple, the director (Ravi Kinagi) may have made "Awara" as a commercial movie giving mindless entertainment to it's target audience, but, unfortunately, it turns out to be just mindless. Kharaj Mukherjee's lecherous Madanmohan generates a few laughs (they obviously fall in the slapstick category). But that's not enough for the people who eagerly waits for these kinds of movies to release. They are definitely in for a disappointment.

Cast: Jeet, Sayantika and Mukul Dev
Direction: Ravi Kinagi
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes

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