Cast: Rajatava, Sreela, Joyjit, Debjani

Genre: Drama
Released on: Dec S, 2013
Director: Asish Mitra
Music Director: Sandip Singha

Amra Paanch kolkata bengali film At the identical time a specific wealthy Toofan Islam actually desires to take up the precise property subsequent to Amal’s house. Amal’s dad Sudev makes an attempt their higher to maintain their property. However Toofan makes use of employed goons so as to jeopardize her or him. The precise A schoolchildren however, have the flexibility to dissolve the precise solidified heart from the wealthy Toofan Isalm in addition to keep on to contemplate the precise ‘A unfavorable’ bloodstream for his or her troubled buddy. The precise movie’s suspense often is the thought from the person that will get the precise donor from the bloodstream staff the precise buddies had been looking for.

Amra Paanch Bangla Movie Online

Even although designed like a film with regard to youngsters, ‘Aamra Paanch’ may additionally provide adequate meals with regard to believed with regard to grownup viewers. Along with nice reveals by it’s superstar throw together with a simplified script via Shankar Dasgupta, the precise film is definitely anticipated to turn out to be a enjoyment to view with regard to viewers of organizations.

In addition to the child artistes, the precise throw from the film moreover consists of prestigious personas within the Bangla film enterprise reminiscent of Rajatava Dutta for the reason that feared Toofan Islam, Srila Majumdar because the encouraging school teacher Shakuntala, Shankar Dasgupta as a result of Doctor. Sen, Joyjeet as a result of Loha, Probir Bhattachrya as a result of Amal’s dad Sudev in addition to Guddu for the reason that troubled Amal.

The precise toes tapping tunes from the film could also be sung by Srikanto Acharya, Shubhomita, Jojo in addition to Shalini because the lyrics in the direction of the tunes had been provided by Shankar Dasgupta, Swaraj Chattopadhyay in addition to Mrigendra. The precise songs overseer related to ‘Aamra Paanch’ is definitely Sandip Sinha.

The website launch from the film in regards to the eleventh related to Feb, 2012 within the Tag resort inside Kolkata, had been the accumulating related to quite a few people who had been linked to the film. One of the kinds current within the event had been the precise writer from the film Shankar Dasgupta, lyricist Swaraj Chattapadhyay, vocalist Shalini in addition to stars Rajatava Dutta, Srila Majumdar, Devjani Chatterjee in addition to Joyjeet. Aside from all of them, the child artistes Gairika, Knight in shining armor, Somadrita, Raj in addition to Dipayan had been present within the event. The precise guests particularly requested for that event included Moubani Sarkar, Meghna Halder, Dulal Lahiri, Arnab in addition to Jack port. Those rigorously included while producing the precise film talked from period concerning it’s producing and likewise the fantastic reference to coping with child artistes. The precise cleverness and likewise the impulsiveness confirmed by the child designers while shooing for that film had been all voiced by way of quite a few have been present within the event. The precise launch from the website online has an additional vary for any broader target market with the intention to line up on their very own in regards to the film and people concerned with this.